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    took great umbrage But his languor altogether was quite a

    David Copperfield

    ‘Don’t say so,’ I returned ‘You don’t think so’

    mine, and she stood on tiptoe to give me, more thoughtfully than

    proposal to her family? Was there anything like—what we are

    looking at each other We stood so, a long time; long enough for

    You wake up and hold back the ecstasy of his heart.

    about here, at odd times There’s been a gen’lm’n too Both of ’em

    place in the interval was old London Bridge, where I was wont to

    form it I knew her father well I knew her well I had taught her

    David Copperfield

    down to table together We had not been seated long, when I saw

    curls ‘Have I, Jip? Oh, do kiss Jip, and be agreeable!’

    worse than I have done here I may do better Oh!’ with a dreadful

    Out to walk alone, because I have had so much company’

    Miss Dartle played backgammon as eagerly as she did

    We went to the Golden Cross at Charing Cross, then a mouldy

    ‘Yes, aunt’

    ‘Oh, please don’t be practical!’ said Dora, coaxingly ‘Because it

    have liked to take myself, was given to a simpering fellow with

    ‘She knows enough of the piano to teach it to her little sisters,’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    and I felt towards her something I have never felt for any other


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