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    ‘No, my dear Annie,’ returned the Old Soldier, ‘I have not quite

    David Copperfield

    seemed to move in it for an instant Then I felt the burning tears

    should be made, I entreated him to make it I said it would lighten

    measured track, at an unchanging pace, with the regularity of a

    quite another view, you are probably aware I have some property

    a going, first, to stave in that theer boat, and sink it where I would

    I felt it rather hard, I must own, to be made, without deserving

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    something, I des-say, of a change in my expectations, Master

    go out of my mind, I think!’


    which he made this explanation

    ‘Very good,’ said Mr Omer ‘That’s right And so, young

    pleasant smile ‘It must be on someone else’

    and truth, at that time of my life; for if I should, I must be drawing

    to take poor Mr Dick himself from under my aunt’s protection,

    unknown was anything but a delusion of Mr Dick’s, and one of the

    have walked, at various times, a hundred miles in her uncertainty

    resumed, ‘may be the instruments of good I am glad to think I

    heart a little too much like a plaything; and I sometimes awoke, as

    But I resisted all these overtures, and sat there in desperation;

    examination and repentance; and by inspecting the Tower of

    is, talent is not wanted in the Custom House The local influence of

    blindly, through these difficulties, and had mastered the alphabet,


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