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    The four mate will be looked up, eyes have wiped their firm, hit the palm of the hand, ready to return to the camp to negotiate, then how to secure the commander have left the camp.

    peacock’s feathers displayed over the mantelpiece—I remember

    the Doctor’s study, where there was a light, being open, I passed

    was shyly keeping out of the way I knew where to look for her,

    thicker, looked at so near, than even I had given them credit for

    Steerforth—who cut his name very deep and very often, who, I

    better time, was mine!

    glass might have poured out its sands She sat on one side of the

    run down my face, and it was steady again

    David Copperfield

    before noon

    up as before, and took me away We found the coach very near at

    were someone else speaking to you, and not I, when I caution you

    quite a stranger) that all this had occurred before, at some

    do next, and whether it will be my turn to suffer, or somebody

    Her own views of every question, and her correction of

    to my difficulties Sometimes my difficulties have—in short, have

    David Copperfield

    Mr Peggotty will be master of her in my absence’

    him, and we all standing in the room; I with a paper in my hand,

    severely rigid Mr Spenlow shut the door, motioned me to a chair,

    ‘You haven’t need to say so much, nor half so much, nor

    returned Steerforth ‘Who’s our friend in the tights?’


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