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    小学生11 14teen

      小学生11 14teen

    me to see the white marks of my fingers die out of the deep red of

    peacock’s feathers displayed over the mantelpiece—I remember

    trees, riper and richer than fruit has ever been since, in any other

    Oh, I'm late medicine ah hey good son to drink the medicine modeled on that.

    ‘Do you know what I can’t help thinking of, Traddles, as I sit

    never know ourselves’

    about my duties in that quarter To say the truth, we were getting

    poker I observed that he did the same thing while I was getting

    I felt apprehensive that I was personally interested in this

    drawn out to its thread’s length

    to Canterbury to see me, and always at unseasonable hours: with

    whether a sound enjoyment of animal food can develop itself

    ‘Now, David,’ he said—and I saw that cast again as he said it—

    We went into the house, which was cheerfully lighted up, and

    I was not actively ill-used I was not beaten, or starved; but the

    half past one!’

    the curate’s daughter, who was one of ten, down in Devonshire,

    you told me once, about her making all the apple parsties and

    all the more for the sinking of my spirits, that it was my nest, and

    hair I thought it was better to borrow Captain Hopkins’s knife and

    you did When you know that she only does it out of kindness and

    snow drifting in; but nothing else was there

    crack, even in room doors, and they are oily when cracked; yet I

    affecting I was affected by the story altogether How far my

    ‘Come!’ said my aunt ‘That’s cheering!’


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