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    David Copperfield

    and innocent? I am so stupid in these things’

    I’m a going to find my poor niece in her shame, and bring her

    confounded it with those demoniacal parchments which are held

    ‘I’ll go along with you, sir,’ he rejoined, ‘if you’re agreeable,

    taken, you know’

    ‘No,’ I answered

    on with their work Stitch, stitch, stitch At the same time there

    pliant face, he had rather a stiff neck, rather a tight smooth head

    That little fellow seems to be no part of me; I remember him as

    smarted for it next day, and was imprisoned so many hours that he

    ‘My dear Jane,’ remonstrated my mother

    the out-house to look about me; and the very same lobsters, crabs,

    Altogether I was lost in amazement, and sat staring at her, quite

    men, Master Copperfield; but I’ve had eyes in my ed, a pretty long

    Agnes was in the drawing-room, waiting for her father, who was

    The landlord looked at me in return over the bar, from head to

    more difficult’

    After dinner, when we were sitting by the fire, and I was

    ‘You didn’t care for that happiness in the least,’ said Dora,

    had a room to let, quartered me prospectively on him—by our

    recognized him He was, at first, somewhat disconcerted to meet

    She took so kindly to me, that, in the course of a few weeks, she

    But who is this that breaks upon me? This is Miss Shepherd,

    up the hundred pounds at last,’ said Traddles; ‘and thank Heaven

    ‘We are not likely to encounter soon again;—a source of

    Office, and the country would cease to be glorious He considered

    pull my hair There was another boy, one Tommy Traddles, who I


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