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    ‘I say,’ growled Mr Barkis, ‘it was all right’

    as a Doctors’ Commons sort of play, and was so dreadfully cut up,

    boyish thought) into the skies As he wound the string in and it

    knew a handy young man, who she thought could be prevailed

    sing, Mr Peggotty’

    and I wonder stupidly about that, all the dreary dismal day

    and his mouth was full of little nails, which he was obliged to take

    midst of my porings and blunderings over heavier themes, to read

    the unseen, unfelt progress of my life—from childhood

    ‘So I found,’ said Mr Wickfield ‘I couldn’t doubt it, when you

    make a mighty snug little party On the whole, I would

    and the feeling with which I regarded him, undutiful—if I showed

    also very faint and drowsy, I soon lay down on the sofa again and

    was dreadful I never was so much afraid of anyone We made a

    ribbons in her cap, whose eye it was much more pleasant, and

    and then they couldn’t have done it’

    Being then in a pleasant frame of mind (from which I infer that

    to do for myself However, I began, with the assistance of the son

    ‘Ha! Phoebus!’ said Mr Dick, laying down his pen ‘How does

    we was just the same at home here as afore’

    ‘He is in his mother’s arms,’ said he

    David Copperfield


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